Q:  I have been sent an email that says an item is back in stock, but when I click on the item it still says "out of stock"?

A:  You sometimes have to "Clear your browser History" on your computer in order to populate new information sent to your computer from servers around the country.  A good workaround is go to the search bar and type in the item, that will bring up the new updated info that will not already be in your computer's stored memory and should then say "in stock".  Don't send us a nasty email like some people do, be nice about it and we will help you, this is not our fault, blame the automated world!  There is "no crying in wooden trains".

Q:  What other brands is "Choo Choo Track" compatible with?

A:  Thomas Wooden Railway, Brio, Imaginarium, Chuggington, Maxim Enterprise, Circo, Melissa & Doug, Nuchi, Ikea, Maple Landmark, Kidcraft, Bigjigs, Heros, Eichhorn, Hape, many others, and unfortunately Whittle Shortline.

Q:  Does this website charge sales tax?

A:  Since we are based in Missouri, only Missouri residents are charged sales tax.  All other states, NO sales tax.  For example, many states residents will now pay sales tax if they purchase something on large websites.  NOT HERE, not yet.  SAVE MONEY shopping here instead of those large websites.

Q:  Why are so many items out of stock so often?

A:  Simple, the demand for the products we make are off the charts.  We cannot keep up with the production of items because they sell out soon after they are produced and released.  If you are on the wait list for an item and you get an email notifying you that the item is back in stock, place your order within a few hours because that item may sell out fast and you will have to wait until we produce that item again, which may be weeks sometimes months.  Accumulate those orders as they get released if you are gift giving. 

Q:  When I put items in my cart that are in stock and want to increase the quantity, why won't the cart allow me?

A:  All the items on the website are controlled by an inventory system.  If you enter a number in the quantity higher than the inventory on hand for that item, the cart will not allow you to order something we don't have or you will be upset that we can't ship it to you.  Sometimes, I repeat sometimes the inventory count is a little off, if the quantity is really important to you, give us a call, we may be able to help you.

Q:  Is my personal information secure on this website?

A:  Yes!  Look at the website URL at the top, and notice before the URL a couple lines with circles, click on that, if it has a little "padlock" icon displayed then all your personal information that you enter on this site is secure.  Be cautious of websites that do not have the "padlock" icon.  We purchase a security certificate each year so that your personal info is safe.  And we do not share ANY info with ANYONE!

Q:  If I add items to my cart, will your system reserve them for when I'm ready to check out?

A:  No.  For example, lets says you put an item in your cart that is the last of that item in inventory, and you don't check out until later.  Then someone else comes along and puts that same item in their cart and checks out before you do.  When you go and check out, that item will now say "out of stock".  Hint:  If you really want an item, don't wait, that's how fast items sell.

Q:  Do you make your products after an order is placed and then ship it out when its done?

A:  NO!  We don't hang on to your money for weeks like another company we know.  What you see in inventory is what we currently have on hand.  When you place your order it gets packed up within minutes and 99.9% of the time it ships out the next day.

Q:  Do you make one of a kind custom products?

A:  We wish we could, but we are not set up for that kind of production.  Maybe someday in the future with the trains, but right now no, sorry.

More to come as we think of them, or email with your own question and we will consider posting it here.

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