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Prepare yourself for the biggest announcement in wooden train history coming soon!

The info on this page is to inform our customers on the items we are working on now and in the near future.  ("future" here is defined as: in the next few weeks).  Instead of going to the website each day to see if something is back in stock or wondering if you will ever receive an email from the wait list, come to this page for general info.  Items on this list are to help you and your purchase planning.  NOTHING IS GUARANTEED.

The list below in GREEN are items that have been recently completed, are in stock, ready to order and ship out. The list below in the top 10 are what our hands are working on right now.  (If it is in the top 5, that tells you that they are in the paint room OR in the final stages of production.  When items hit the top 5 it also means 5-10 days before those items are back in stock and available for purchase. 11-20 are items we know you've been waiting for, and we need to start on.  If the out of stock items you are looking for are not on the list, it just means that they are further out OR you just missed the last production run of that item and are out of stock again.

We update this list every few days, so bookmark this page in your favorites and check back often for any changes.  Items that are further down the list are a very "general" production "need to do list" to us that may be very fluid (some leapfrogging may occur).  As items work their way up the list they are more likely to be next in line for production.  We may even rant or rave about something, call it our "blog page".

We always encourage you to click on the "WAIT LIST" button for a particular item.  We refer to those wait list numbers when producing items.  Please only sign up for items you intend on purchasing when back in stock.  Our system automatically emails you when the items you sign up for come back in stock.  We are now releasing wait list emails anytime any day.  THANK YOU!

RAVE:  !!! This year is CHOO CHOO TRACK & TOY CO.'s 25th ANNIVERSARY !!!  We have some special things in store for you this year, hopefully soon.  VERY COOL!  It will be announced on this page and the "Brand New Products" page.  It's going to be an interesting year, wink, wink!  Read line 10!

Last updated:  6-22-24                    (Study your train abbreviations) Example: UP = Union Pacific

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  3" tank cars
  3" cargo cars with all 4 cargo loads & unpainted cargo blocks
  3" boxcars:  Easter, St. Pat's, Blue B'day, 4th of July, Pink B'day
  GEVO engines:  NS red mane, NS blue mane
  Switcher engines:  Soo Line, The Rock, MKT, Mil. Rd.

 2.  10,000 raw GEVO engine parts (mostly done)
 5.  We apologize for the slow production, but line 10 is consuming an enormous amount of time, but we promise, it will be worth it.  We are going to tease you until you can't take it anymore.  We can't take it either.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  7.  Gevo engines:  N&W, PRR, NPR, CSX
10.  Another something very special, working on it day and night!  RANT: Some supplier of ours that promised us some special material better get with it, or this special something ain't gunna happen! ..... Yep still dragging their feet! ..... We are looking elsewhere for another supplier now ..... Making some progress ..... Progress complete, on to the next step ..... In the final stage, the countdown is right around the corner .....The plan with this new item is, to coincide it with something else on a special day ..... The countdown and that special day is coming soon .....The countdown to the release date starts at noon on Saturday the 15th......
8 day countdown.....more clues coming
..... 4 numbers 49 letters
..... I pulled freight
..... I have pistons
..... If you see a lot of smoke, I am not being efficient
..... Sometimes you see my knuckle, sometimes you don't

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
12.  Long Boxcars
14.  More GEVO engines: Con, UP, Sonic Bonnets
16.  Girder bridges
20.  If your reading this on a regular basis, text us, we want to know, is this page worth it or not? 314-393-3640

With the enormous amount of orders for our products over the last few years, you can tell by the out of stock items that we simply cannot keep up with demand.  If you are interested in our items for special gifts you might want to grab things that are in stock as they become available and accumulate those items.  PLEASE do not think for a second that you can put your shopping list off and purchase everything your little engineer wishes for all at one time.

We thank you for your support and your patience!
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