What's In Production?

Please Read Carefully

The info on this page is to inform our customers on the items we are working on in the near future.  ("future" here is defined as: in the next few weeks).  Instead of going to the website each day to see if something is back in stock or wondering if you will ever receive an email from the wait list, come to this page for general info.

The list below in the top 5 are what we are working on right now and should be in stock soon.  We will try to update this list every Sunday.  Items that are further down the list are a very "general" production "wish list" to us that may be very fluid.  As items work their way up the list they are more likely to be worked on at the present time.

We always encourage you to click on the "WAIT LIST" button for a particular item.  THANK YOU!

Last updated:  7-05-20

1.  new switcher engines: MKT, DRGW, Chessie System, Santa Fe
2.  2 out of the 4 done.  We are not releasing until all 4 are complete. Possibly this weekend

6. tank cars
7. up, sp, sp/up, sf war engines
9.  misc track
10. girder bridges
12.  covered hoppers