Manufacturer Mishaps

As with any manufacturing process there is testing, mishaps, errors, little things that happen along the way where we can not sell these items at full retail price.  Before this page was created we exhibited at train shows around the country and could peddle these items at those shows for a discount.  Well, we are no longer doing shows and these items still accumulate.  So this is your chance to get something at a discount.  Items will be discounted 20% from the regular retail price.

Let's be absolutely clear here, all items listed on this page are completely usable in the way they were intended.  What you might see upon very close inspection are minor defects that will not compromise the toy at all!  In fact you will look at an item and say to yourself, "Is that it?, what a bargain"!

Sales from this page will be documented on what you receive and are final.  NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS!

Don't email us asking "what's wrong with the item", we will ignore the email.

Because we may only have 1 of an item, we are not taking pictures of what is available, just a "Clearance" pic and a text description on your order confirmation.  Make sure you are clicking on the items to see if they are in stock and refreshing your pages.  This is a happenstance page which means, don't hold out for something to show up here.  Happy shopping!

This page will be updated:  Any given Sunday at 12 pm noon (CST).  Any additional items will be added to the list below at that time.  When that item sells out they will be removed from this page.  If there are no items below this line then there aren't any items on clearance at the time.